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Hi, I'm Jacque!

I love my job! I work with producers and creatives who want to take their projects to the next level. My clients aren't the type to settle for "good" because they know it can be amazing with the help of a creative consultant! As your consultant, I'm here to offer expert opinions and add dimension to your ideas, scenes, jokes, characters, designs, or entire project.

No matter how confident or lost you're feeling, a creative consultant can be the perfect second set of eyes to guide you through the process and help you achieve your vision. 


From designing the deck to nailing the presentation. I got you!


Whether you're just starting or need a nudge over the finish line. I'm here!


Something's not right? It's not the acting, it's the editing... trust me!

Where do you need help?

Love Notes

Jacque is my go to whenever I need creative support. Her ideas are honest and strategically crafted with the utmost respect for the actual audience. She keeps it real and she'll keep your ass honest and push the work to a place of success. To top it off she's a maker with the ability to design and create as well. 

David, NY

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